Nightmare At White House goes Matrix or Candid Camera

Once upon a time -not long ago –  there was a tiny girl (my friend K) living save and confident in her unimportant country. Well, she didn’t know her country to be unimportant. Nobody knew by that time that the whole continent and other continents were unimportant.She and all others once recognized a tumb and bankcrupt orange-haired guy,  becoming candidate for president of the self-proclaimed Leader of the World Country, called USA. This was nothing she was concerned about. There were lots of guys over there being kind of crazy.

Time went on, election campaign reached its climax. Something was strange. My friend K noticed that all those insulting, xenophobic, misogynous and not countable other freak ideologies may never be real in 21st century. And as a further proof of her knowledge: A bancrupt so called business man would never ever have the chance in REAL to win such election for becoming President of the United States of America. So. there must be something going wrong.

My friend K sat down in her comfortabel „thinking-easy chair“, her chinn on the knees, and she thought about, what could have happended. She thought about Pennywise and she rejected that thougt. Pennywise never had a son sitting on a soft toy lion. Pennywise – instead of that orange haired man – was quite honest. Pennywise did never mention“alternative facts“. Pennywise was fretting, and never denied being fretting.

So my friend K found out, that this all could never be reality. I mean, in a democracy even a orange haired tumb guy may have the wish to get the president’s job. Really. But at the time he was nominated as candidate, it had been clear, that someting is going on beyond reality. My friend K took anoter cup of tea, relaxed and thought about „Candid Camera“. That must be a joke she thought and billions of mind-healthy people did think so.

But two other possibilities had to be taken into consideration. We all were put into a matrix (worse) or this really is reality (worst).

That bankrupt guy won the election not by votes only by so called elctors. Reality? Matrix? Candid camera? Time went by and nobody – having working brain – could take that as real. Something MUST be wrong. People cannot be such degenerated to be happy, glad and credulous.

My dear friend K, for one thing you are right: This is a nightmare not only for the Americans – even if they do not take notice.

On the other hand you are not  right. Because the nightmare came true.

Or……  are we all living in that since and ever, matrix, nightmare,  candid camera? So, anybody out there to stop that?  From „ancient“ times CIA has to retrievel a mistake happened in 1963.

TY to my friend K for telling me her fears which are totally real.