Nightmare turnt to Reality

No words can describe, what people and peoples feel about the „breaking through“ of the most evil reality being possible to happen. You know, I was laughing at #Kim-Il Sung. I was laughing at his sickness. I was laughing at Trump being candidate.


I stopped laughing at Erdogan, Trump, Putin, Kim-Il Sung.

The US election system is quite strange, but it worked in the past. There were and are disputes about false majorities.

But: THAT is not the problem. The real problem are the real Trump-Voters. They rely on God. Hey, they rely on Jesus.



….. One month later….

The above was written end of Jan or beginning of Feb. I do not remember. But I had learnt a lot in the meantime. There are so many analogys. Erdogan, Putin, DJT and others. All serve the majority of bad educated people. And this is not my arrogancy, it is simply fact.
On the other hand: Even, if someone is well educated, he may follow those guys.participating of „low tax“ and so on. All those guys pray „America first“ – meaning: „Sieg Heil“.

The turkish president talks at Germany, because his minions may not held their speach in a foreign sovereign country. He calls Germany „Nazi-Country“ in the same time, he tortures opposition politicians in jail,  he calls every critizising person (journalists, teachers, scientists) a terrorist. Further than „45“ he is enabled to throw thinking persons into jail. And so he does.

What the hell is going on in the world? Do Might, Power, Strength of single States beccome more important, than every human argument, which made us abel for survival as human mankind? If the answer is yes, I pray for extinction of human being. If the anwer is yes, human being has no right to exist and destroy furthermore.
I hope, this kind  of hate-thinking against others will stop. I hope, that the fasistic movement will die. I hope, that the fasiest and raciest regimes will give in. I hope, that Erdogan will be stopped by his folks. I hope a lot……





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